Diversity Services

Diligent Candy is an Amsterdam based company headed by Amrita Das, which offers a variety of bespoke diversity and inclusion services. We provide workshops as well as lectures on a vast array of topics, including: diversity, inclusion, creative writing for team building, mentoring, training, coaching, and facilitation.

Some of our projects have included:

  • 3-Day Comprehensive Workshop on Inclusion: Sense of Belonging
  • 1-Day Condensed Diversity Workshop: I Am Here
  • Guest Lecture on Post-Colonial and the Now: Who Are The Others?
  • Ghazal Writing Workshop for Teams: Poetry for Growth
  • Talking to Children about Diversity

Our projects are custom designed keeping in mind the need of organizations and individuals.

For more information please contact: amrita@diligentcandy.com

KvK Number: 74827391

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