Diligent Candy

Diligent Candy is a blog, which is written and curated by Amrita Das.

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I am what I like to call a local [international] blogger. I have lived in Amsterdam since 2006 (with a short stint in Singapore in between). While I am nourished by the city I live and love in, I can’t help but bring into it the “living” I have done so far. Thus, while I admire the delicate flakiness of a well-cooked kabeljauw fillet, sudden pangs for fresh hamour from Dubai Creek or rohu from the Mahanadi can make me feel strangely nostalgic, as a result verses of poetry (might) occur during this phase.

I am a writer, former communications professional, aspiring photographer, artist, accidental academic, teacher, an INTJ, voracious reader, proud mother, and indulgent wife.

I am also a PhD candidate – Promovenda at Vrije Universiteit, Faculty of Humanities. My PhD topic [NWO Mosaic doctoral scholarship winner] is The American Ghazal: an immigration of an Arabic Poetic Form (1960-2010). I am hoping (golden word) to finish my Phd dissertation in the academic year 2017-2018. Inshallah!

My thesis contributes to the transnational turn in the humanities, which investigates how cultural influence moves across borders. My personal journey across several countries: India, United Arab Emirates, Mauritius, England, Singapore, and The Netherlands, entangles with the themes that I have dealt with in my PhD dissertation. Namely, the changes occurring from border crossing; in the definition of home, in the different understanding of gender, in self awareness and expression of sexuality, in complicated intersectionality, and in the representation of race and ethnicity.

I enjoy teaching and coaching, and strongly believe in safe classrooms and active learning environments.

This is my personal website, all views expressed on this website are personal and do not represent any organisation or employer, for access to me professionally: click here


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