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The Miscarriage by Amit Majmudar

Some species can crack pavement with their shoots Source: The Miscarriage “if I consoled you it would make the loss your loss” —– How can Amit Majmudar’s words so relentlessly tangle the insides? Each line comes loaded, “his wealth of heartbeats.” I am currently reading his collection Dothead (2016). It has two ghazals. One of […]

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Rereading The God of Small Things

It is like returning to a lover you never stopped loving I pause and linger, rolling words in my mouth, tasting the luscious lusty writing of someone as giving as Roy It is indulgent and selfish on my part After all there are many new books waiting on the to-read shelf Still….. They can wait […]

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Falling for Archie Comics’ JUGHEAD #1

“So after three months of feeling him out, I decided to break up with Archie. Well, I decided to break up with Archie, the recent reboot of the decades-running comic series from Archie Comics…..” Source: Falling for Archie Comics’ JUGHEAD #1 Jughead has always been a favorite. It is news such as this that feels […]

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Friday Book Market at Spui

Every Friday there is a Book Market at the Spui, Amsterdam. On this day there is a peppy vibe to the place. Antique books, quirky books, second-handbooks, new books and forgotten books all find their way to stalls here. The keepers are friendly. People seem to have time. A certain stillness. Browse and be. No […]

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