Apoorva Mathur

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Apoorva has been my friend, philosopher, guide since we met in September 1996.

You can read about his experiences and poetry on his blog:

Apoorva in Amsterdam

Get the drift:

That evening with fireflies
That evening with fireflies

And, then she said, “Could you turn down the volume I am getting a headache.” As the sound of the music died so did the scattered thoughts of life with her. She sat back, waiting for him to say something, time moved slowly, he ebbed away. Dreams. Moments. The pitch of life lower. Silence. “There is nothing left to say.” “Why, why on earth would you say that?” “Because if you don’t like Kailash Kher I can’t do this no more.” “Are you saying we can’t have a relationship because of Kailash Kher?” “I think, I am. There is no point to it.”

As the fireflies showed up. He laughed, “Look mosquitoes with torches.” She did not laugh, not even a smile, what was the point to it. Damn you Kailash Kher!


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