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Those Literature Courses I Cook Up

In 2013, Apoorva put this up as his Facebook status update: Some electives for the upcoming Autumn term. What would you like to study? Sociology of the upper-middle class Misogyny and education Poetry of poverty Mental health in patriarchal societies Conflict and negotiation in family settings Mathematical methods for personal relationships Psychology of empathy History […]

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Dilruba Pe Dil Aaya

I discovered Dilruba Ahmed’s poetry in the early part of this year and it has stayed with me. The first poem I read was: “Snake Oil, Snake Bite” and it lingered over my days, making me smile at odd-moments as I remembered its tender irony. Imagine my joy when I discovered she had written a ghazal. […]

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“Stop interrupting me.”

10 Words Every Girl Should Learn By Soraya Chemaly / “Stop interrupting me.”  “I just said that.” “No explanation needed.” [..] “Parents interrupt girls twice as often and hold them to stricter politeness norms. Teachers engage boys, who correctly see disruptive speech as a marker of dominant masculinity, more often and more dynamically than girls.” […]

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