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It depends on how you see things

I see little things. M. Night might be from my neck of the woods but, I do intentionally mean every word when I say I see little things. I have Anisometropia, which means my one eye is long sighted while the other is short sighted. This refractive error should have been corrected in early childhood […]

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Living on the intersection of India and The Netherlands – learning from Erin Meyer’s “The Culture Map”

This is a post about an article written by Apoorva Mathur that throws light on work place cultural nuances along with disparity between the Dutch and Indians. I enjoyed the manner in which he places emotions alongside tasks and relationships, without dealing with them as the “other” or the “elephant in the room” or something that is […]

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Gasps of morning

“judge a country by how it treats their weakest and poorest and also their richest” Last night I killed her. Watched her bleed near the gutter. Left her to rot by the sewer gates. There is a place where they bury dreams. They have headstones. “Here lies my need to fly.” “Loved and cherished, mother […]

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