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Thumbs up for Consenza toast bags 

These toaster bags have our vote. What a wonderful idea for the tiny kitchens we have today; a simple bag that you slide your tosti or sandwich into and slip into the toaster and boom, there you go, a crisp, crunchy yummy snack! There is no need to have that bulky unsightly grill or a […]

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Dinner at Mama Makan

We had dinner at Mama Makan. Though for Hindi speakers it sounds like Mama’s house, in Indonesian it means Mama’s Food. The concept is that you are at Mama’s kicthen, sitting on the table, with mismatched yet charming plates, old quaint cutlery that is heavy and solid like Mama’s love (I suppose), and Mama brings out […]

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When I went to watch “The Hundred Foot Journey”

  Has the study of literature made me lose the ability to enjoy an ordinary film? Has it? Has it? I went to watch “The Hundred Foot Journey”. The film promised the agreeable mingling of food and diaspora. Purab laughed, “Are you watching the diaspakoda?” I wanted the movie to move me. It had Om […]

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