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Art when Dark: Museum Night 2017

Is it art viewing? Is it a nightclub? Should we dance? Let’s grab a drink! Wanna hang out? Oh look, that’s a Rothko!  This year the Museum Night in Amsterdam was outstanding. The transformation that the museums underwent was fascinating, dramatically turning from once strict sterile environments to wild psychedelic night clubs. We combined the […]

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Day Out at Noordwijk

When we have a day off we like to drive out of the city to other nearby towns and villages. One of the places we are fond of visiting is Noordwijk aan Zee that is roughly a forty-five minute drive from Amsterdam. Located at the west of Holland Noordwijk falls into what is called the […]

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Last Day in Lisbon: Walk With Us

An indelible memory of Lisbon will be our walks along the Tagus river. The evening market, buzz of people, music, and the sound of tinkling glasses. A city during the evening, and at night, has a different character. It crawls out from under its mask and truly reveals itself. I feel closer, more connected with […]

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Lisbon day 5: Let’s Go to Alfama

Apoorva said the streets of Alfama reminded him of Ajmer back in the day. I could see this, the curling narrow roads akin to gullies, windows that face each other making room for glances or chats, blinking cats that seemed to be in a languid trance, and Tram 28 meandering through like a boa who […]

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