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Thumbs up for Consenza toast bags 

These toaster bags have our vote. What a wonderful idea for the tiny kitchens we have today; a simple bag that you slide your tosti or sandwich into and slip into the toaster and boom, there you go, a crisp, crunchy yummy snack! There is no need to have that bulky unsightly grill or a […]

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Saturday Market in Den Bosch

‘s-Hertogenbosch or Den Bosch is a quaint city in the south of Holland. We were there to meet friends and chanced upon the Saturday market in Market Square. It was colorful and delightful. I wish I lived close by to buy everything from there. Sigh!

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Such a Triumph!

The chilli plants at home had a mealybug infection and it took all of my resilience to finally have it well under control. I do not think it will ever permanently go but will probably be a constant exercise of management. What helped was a combination of aggressive pruning and washes with vinegar and Dreft […]

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Wild Things are a Joy Forever

Two years back, on my first visit to New York, my friend from school Shalini recommended a visit to The High Line. We walked there; she stylishly in her boots, and me clumsily dragging my massive backpack. I loved The High Line (thank you Shalini). It not only recycles and repurposes old beautiful things but also provides this […]

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Pizzas at Sotto

Sotto Pizza on Roelof Hartstaart is a small hidden delight. Tucked away in Oud Zuid it has a wood burning oven that dishes out not just yummy pizzas but also atmospheric charm. The pizzas are much like the texture of a good tandoori roti, perfectly done with none of that extravagant processed stuff we have come […]

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