The dots I can’t connect

In my deep moments of losing and finding myself in a ghazal (right now I am reading: “Red Ghazal”) I find my mind turning to songs I’ve heard. Sometimes I can find a direct connect between the two e.g. reading Adrienne Rich and listening to Abida Parveen sing Mirza Ghalib‘s ghazals, Rich often refers to Ghalib in her ghazals. Sometimes these are completely unrelated and I don’t get why these two are connected in my head space.

I feel quite frustrated by my inability to figure it out. Do you have a theory about it? Current instance being each time I read the “Red Ghazal” these eyes from “Sapno se bhare naina” (poet: Javed Akhtar)  keep appearing, red-lined, tired, restless, unable to sleep. However, the song is about ambition, and the ghazal is about violence, why is my mind processing the two as one unit?

“Bagiya Bagiya Balak Bhaage
Tittli Phir Bhi Haath Na Laage
Iss Pagle Ko Kaun Bataye
Dhoond Raha Hai Jo Tu Jag Mein
Koi Jo Paaye
To Mann Nahi Paaye”