Last Day in Lisbon: Walk With Us

An indelible memory of Lisbon will be our walks along the Tagus river. The evening market, buzz of people, music, and the sound of tinkling glasses. A city during the evening, and at night, has a different character. It crawls out from under its mask and truly reveals itself. I feel closer, more connected with it during these hours. There is vulnerability that gets exposed in the darkness, streetlights brightening parts, gray reticent segments unfolding, holding back, letting go, slowly, gently, the caress of the breeze, chill of the hour, a pace that declares the day is done and its time to exhale.

For our last day in Lisbon we headed out of the city, driving over the Golden Gate bridge and to Costa da Caparica to spend the day at the beach. It was pretty and crowded, the water too cold to swim, so we collected shells, built castles, and read our books while basking in the sun. In the afternoon we went to the Museu Fundacao Oriente. This was not part of our plan but we had time and decided to do something unusual.  It was fun and a tad bit scary learning about Chinese opera.

I have a love for snuff boxes. I don’t know how or why but when I was little I had a boxful of postcards with pictures of Indian snuff boxes. I remember the stunning images including an amazing collection owned by the Nizam of Hyderabad. I realize how strange this sounds but these little objects can tell quite a story. I was happy to discover a large beautifully arranged collection at the museum.

We had lunch at Rice Me, a delightful non-touristy joint, which had a menu full of rice dishes. I love rice and this was heaven for me, nothing beats a bowl of fried rice, or chicken rice, it is pure sukh. I liked the vibe of this place, the decor was chic and cool, and the service warm and indulgent.

We shopped, browsed, walked, talked, ate, and spent much needed time with each other. With the flight back looming ahead it was a melancholic last evening for me knowing that we are leaving such a gorgeous city behind but, I felt rejuvenated, blessed to have had this holiday, to have been able to enjoy Lisbon. Would I recommend it to you – YES! Of course.

I hope you have enjoyed the series of Lisbon days.  One special feature is still left, the best for the last, the most recommended place to eat in Lisbon, stamped, approved, and loved by us, so much so that I could fly down to Lisbon just to go eat there….wait for it, it will be revealed in the next post.

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