Art when Dark: Museum Night 2017

Is it art viewing? Is it a nightclub? Should we dance? Let’s grab a drink! Wanna hang out? Oh look, that’s a Rothko! 

This year the Museum Night in Amsterdam was outstanding. The transformation that the museums underwent was fascinating, dramatically turning from once strict sterile environments to wild psychedelic night clubs.

We combined the modernity of the Stedelijk Museum with the more traditional Rijksmuseum, albeit not all the artwork was on display but the chance of “chilling-out” with the artworks was a wonderful way to experience the museums. I could almost pretend this was the home of an elderly relative who had the generosity of inviting me over for drinks and there I was looking at her vast collection of art. Sigh! Almost!

The city has a distinct energy at night. It is the after-hours, down-time, when the self is permitted to break out – from economic toil – from light – from exposure – from whatever holds one back. The opportunity to indulge in the city museums without the noise of daytime tourists, as a resident, a local, was immensely gratifying. The museums, during usual hours, do offer the possibility to look at art, however, the Museum Night is not just about viewing it is an experience. A luxury that this irrefutable and a pleasure that this transgressive night offers.

Date and timing for 2017: 04-November, 19:00-02:00
For more information: click here
I would advise buying the tickets in advance as they tend to get sold-out quickly.

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