The Boho Life at Hutspot

Hutspot is one of the coolest spaces I have discovered in Amsterdam. It is a chilled-out creative area spread over two levels, in which you can work, lounge, shop, get a haircut, grab a coffee or a snack. It’s biggest plus point is its easy-going vibe. With multiple seating arrangements and a non-conformist atmosphere it offers the one thing rare in Amsterdam – space. This I mean not just in terms of physical expanse but also the freedom to simply be.

While the walk-in-below-the-stairs room houses most of its retail wares, the upstairs is oriented towards sitting and dining. It is eclectic with its mix of things and people, and ensures that one feels inspired to think differently. If you are looking for some imaginative appeal and an out-of-the-box relaxed ambience do head for Hutspot, you will not be disappointed.

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