Hair There! How’re you doing?

Amrita, Feb 2019

My hair has been through a lot. I started highlighting it when I was twelve. Yes, you read that correct. Left alone at home, during a break from hostel, I took the bottle of Fem bleach and gave myself two bright streaks of blonde. No regrets whatsoever! They were rather professionally done, even if I say so myself, and when I look at my pictures from those days, it is not bad at all, and I did not even use foil.

Over the years, perms have happened, colors ranging from pink to green, I have straightened, curled, crimped, and tortured my hair, and they have held their ground. A lot of it has been due to good genes, and a healthy dose of vitamins. It has also a lot to do with the fact that I do try my best to take care of my hair. I love castor and coconut oil and a regular application of each and both together has really helped with moisturization. I also visit a salon that uses good products and has friendly hairdressers who actually listen to me: Waxx Kappers Amsterdam (ask for Joep or Bruno).

Having tried several shampoos and conditioners from the pricy Aveda to the reasonably priced Pantene, I wanted to share my top three shampoo-conditioner combos in three price categories.

Mane and Tail

Reasonably priced: Mane and Tail Shampoo and Conditioner

Mane and Tail is excellent quality for their price point. My hair felt very silky and fell smooth and straight right after the first use. It has a barely there smell. If you are used to overtly fragrant hair products, this will land up disappointing you. It is pretty no-nonsense in its approach, be it the bottle, or the aroma, but it delivers where most shampoo and conditioners fail.

I bought my 1 liter (946 ml to be precise) bottles from Luxplus. They cost me 8 euros 25 each. That is a lot of product for that amount of money. Next time I am going to get a smaller bottle because it was massive and too heavy. Luxplus does not keep regular stock, although I do like purchasing through them as I am a subscriber.

Mid-range: Body Shop Banana Shampoo and Conditioner

The Body Shop

I am a huge fan of the banana range of products from The Body Shop. I started off being sceptical of the smell, however, today I am a complete convert. This is an A1 product. It feels natural and organic; not synthetic or packed with chemicals. It always leaves my hair feeling nourished and loved. I also love their hair mask and try to use it at least once a week, sometimes even twice. The banana smell is evident, but not in an overpowering way. Hey, did you know Radhika Apte absolutely loves bananas? Why on earth do I possess this information – I have absolutely no idea! I am a fan of Ms. Apte and the product – so bananas it is.

I buy these straight from The Body Shop – the 400ml bottle will cost you 10 euros each. They usually have good deals and discounts!

Top-range: Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner


This is a stellar product. The amount my hair has benefitted from Moroccanoil is unbelievable. It is expensive, but it really works! If you can buy this product – you must. It smells divine, not of fruit, or of flowers, but of a rich oil that is luxurious. I also use their serum. It gives my hair a beautiful shine. This has been a game changer for me.

I buy my bottles of Moroccanoil from Hair World Shop. The website lets you collect points and redeem them for discounts. Additionally, they do have combo offers. 250ml of both products in a combo deal will cost you 49 euros and 80 cents (this is on a deal, usually it is about 52 euros). Currently, they have an offer in which you get 10ml serum or small candle free.

Disclaimer: I have personally tried these products, and the following is my experience. Please do patch tests wherever necessary to check for allergies. The above-mentioned products and links are not affiliates or advertisements. It is simply my opinion on some bloody good hair care products.

If you have recommendations or favorites that you would like to share please comment below. I get a lot of responses in my email and DMs, and also from folks in person, it would be nice if you commented on the article itself 😉

2 responses to “Hair There! How’re you doing?”

  1. Thank you. Priceless information. I’ve tried the Body Shop banana range and have to say that I’m bananas about it 😄 Recently I came across their new range of shampoos and conditioners and decided to try one out. They have Shea Butter for hydrating dry hair and Strawberry for shiny hair. The Shea Butter is an absolute gem. Makes my hair super soft and manageable. I’m going back for seconds.


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