One thousand desires | An Ode to Mirza Ghalib

One thousand desires | An Ode to Mirza Ghalib.

Today I discovered this beautiful blog called “A Date with Delhi” – impossible to turn that down; it is everything that I remember of Delhi.

A friend had storified my tweets about Delhi. I am hoping I can put them up here. It is a city that stays with you, lingers, from the thick smell of jasmine in chilly winter nights to gulmohar avenues that follow you everywhere…


2 responses to “One thousand desires | An Ode to Mirza Ghalib”

  1. Thank you so much Amrita, that really means a lot to me. Hope to keep on highlighting stories of Delhi for Delhi-lovers like you!
    By the way- haven’t yet read your blog but the flickr pictures on the right look tempting. I am sure I’m gonna have a gala time surfing through these pages 🙂


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