On finding “Dragon Jotter”

The clean-up of cupboards and boxes
I found size 36 tops and smiled.
At size 42 these look like doll clothes.
This is change
I oscillate between sizes
Big. Small. Same old me.

A shelf full of old writing
Mostly journals
Among them “Dragon Jotter” 2008
Photography of Hong Kong by Neil Farrin
When I wrote: roads here are like concrete rivers winding around buildings carrying people
The phallic edifices of achievement
Trawlers. Boats. Construction
Victoria harbors polka dots
Everyone moves
Everything moves

The fragility of life
A child like a creeper
Crumbling matter
Sanity in little poppers

I, the only parent in the playground
The unseen, unheard code of maid ethics
What do they do with me?
“You should never compare children”
You can only be this person
This is you.
The you – you will ever be

Memories are like Lego bricks
You can create patterns


I am currently listening to this song by Sona Mohapatro: Ambarsariya

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