Simple things

Small shops are charming. They are manageable. Big stores overwhelm me. I like things that are handmade, single, creative pieces. Often in these stores I find that there is a human element that is a far cry from plastic capitalism. I like the fact that I am supporting an artist, a talent and an enthusiastic spirit. Last week, I ordered 2 things from Irene on Etsy and she sent me a packet of goodies along with a hand written note. Such a thoughtful gesture. Good marketing, I hear you think, simple things is all I have to say. It takes so little to make someone happy. Her art makes me smile. I wanted to put in a word for her on the blog. A little ad. Perhaps you could go take a look at her shop.

Irene: Or email her at:



Diligent Candy

A local international blogger, writer, wants to be photographer, academic, INTJ, voracious reader, wears novelty socks, proud mommy, and indulgent wife.

One thought on “Simple things

  1. Hello Amrita!
    Thank you so much for this kind and lovely note, I am really happy and grateful to meet people as you with my work! :))))

    ❤ thank you, thank you so much!


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