Purani Dilli at Ramzaan| A Photo Essay

A Date With Delhi

On any ordinary day, one peek at the majestic Jama Masjid of Old Delhi will take your breath away. It will bring to your mind a picture of a royal cavalcade proceeding slowly from the Delhi Gate of the Red Fort to the entry of the royal mosque, a mighty Mughal Emperor making his way towards the enormous courtyard of the mosque to offer his prayers.
But during Ramzaan, the charm of Jama Masjid increases manifold. True, it is milling with an overwhelming number of people that might make you withdraw into your shell. But come twilight, the melodious azan called out by the muezzin echoes across Old Delhi. And inside the mosque, tens of hundreds of people prepare to break their fast together. It is a humbling experience to see a sea of humanity embracing and sharing in the joys of eating fruit and dates together. Somehow, it…

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