Gifting two with two
The back and forth, me and you
For years I kept quiet, never said a word about you
Others – yes, but I spared you
But now you too
A cell begins to divide creating you
One to two
This is me and this is you
I was born to be true
Out of that seed it grew
The jarring polemical hue
Parallel lines on a surface you drew
Not me, you

I could have left it lying on the table
This mug of slimy glue
To dry and flake to unhinge this through
I saw to it, I saw it through
No longer it remained me and you
Red, you said, I chose blue
There is no brew, not in the mug
None for you
Bacterial wasteland of your milieu
An old festering story about nothing new
When it was time
“I wish I knew,” I said
And flew




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