Omar Pitras Waqar – “This Sweet Infinity” (English Ghazal) – YouTube



Omar Pitras Waqar – “This Sweet Infinity” (English Ghazal) – YouTube.

“Published on Dec 4, 2013

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today the weather changed but I did not, this sweet infinity
are we more than space that time forgot, this sweet infinity
no need for words, the real poetry is in telepathy
intuition tied this lover’s knot, this sweet infinity
such bliss has tangled me, in lines of crazed calligraphy
brushes painting nebulae, stars dot, this sweet infinity
youth’s forgiving forest held the secret lover’s dignity
fireflies in summer hands, we caught, this sweet infinity
the perfect beauty willingly, showed me love’s divinity
and I knew then why ascetics sought, this sweet infinity
“rapture, music blossoming these flowers” said the mystery
“no puzzle that’s too great to solve” thought, this sweet infinity
your breath in every cadence, these hearts are beating recklessly
Achilles dancing with my weak spot, this sweet infinity

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