Run now – run away

To think that in 2014 the question “so who takes care of the kids then” is asked to women (and women alone) and “then how will he manage?” is asked regarding the father being on his own with his son or daughter (questioning his role as a parent) – saddens me in inexplicable ways. That this question is posed by those younger than me (for I am already 35) is disturbing. The cyclic, suicidal, manic manner in which we sabotage our gender, our growth is disconcerting. Repeatedly be drilled that the body as a body is meant only for reproduction, family, normative, prescribed positions of patriarchal servitude everywhere, without exception, and to follow that path blindly, without question, go ga-ga over falling in love, getting married, having that bunch, owning a house, a pet…and not even blinking an eye towards the denial of the basic right for intellectual labor.

This is what it has come down to
You and me
Boxes that can’t contain
For the body won’t stay in it
It spills out
It spills over
It spills everywhere
Staining, marking
Refusing to adhere
No it won’t stick
Do my breasts bother you, do my lack of breasts bother you?
Can you see me even
Here, Here, Here
Look ….I’m everywhere
Beyond the picket fence
I am running naked into woods

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