A walk through Amstel Park

“Is it summer yet?”
“I think so.”
“How would you know?”
“Well it is that time of the year.”
“What if you did not have a calendar?”
“It is warm, the sky is clear, the ducks are having ducklings, the flowers are out, and the trees have leaves.”
“That’s just a good day.”
“When you have a series of such days then I guess you can safely assume that it is summer.”
“So then summer is a series of such good days.”
“I think so.”
“I wish there was summer in winter but, then I do love the snow and when it is really cold.”
*thoughtful face*

“Any other questions sir?”
“Yes, how many days till winter?”
“About 80.”
“How many minutes?”
“Many minutes.”
“And seconds?”
“Way too many.”
“Give me numbers.”
“How about the number 7.”
*big smile*

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