This parenting thing


So I asked Bambi can you speak about the things you say to me, and he said:

B: “I want to play with the iPad.”
A: What about the time you said, “Your food tastes like dirty sock”
B: “Well, we are going to talk about the nice things.”
B: “I want to go to sleep higher than 7:30p.m.”
B: “Remove ALL the vegetables from my food.”
B: “Nope, strike those out because those aren’t nice things. And the top one too.”

[Aside: This was followed by some crying and grumbling because we needed to focus to have this conversation.]

A: “What’s wrong Bambi?”
B: “I like having playdates”
A: “I asked you why are you crying?”
B: “Because you said close the iPad”
B: “No, no don’t write that, strike it out NOW”
A: “I am asking what are things Bambi says?”
B: “GIMME MY ALPRO SOYA *do it in a nice way ~ don’t write it in a rude way*”
B: “Can I please play Mario Party Nine?”
A: “Do you say it that nicely?”
B: “But just write it in a nice way.”
B: *big sigh* this is hard work maybe I shouldn’t do this.

So after I read out to him what I have written:
B: funny, giggling me, now can I go back to playing with the iPad.

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