Liars, Cadavers and Vultures

“The liar often suffers from amnesia. Amnesia is the silence of the unconscious.” (Rich, Adrienne. Arts Of The Possible: Essays and Conversations. 32)

Cadavers are Useful Things
Vultures in wake
Shoulders tense
Gawk, squawk
Peck, peck, peck
Delicious diseased flesh

Old World or New World?
Filled with acid
Leak, leak, leak
Urine over flying feet
Bald-headed giddy madness

A crocodile attacked a vulture
Picking on a putrid hippo
A sea of flies
Waves of maggots
Muddied waters

He tells me, “You must learn how to swim.”
“The Lake Isle of In-This-Free,” I laugh.
He rubs the back of my mind, “Sab theek hoga.”
I nod, “Zaroor.”

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