Space, a ghazal in the making

Aged five, an early memory, Rakesh Sharma travelling in space
Mrs. Gandhi, he said, India appears best in the world, unravelling in space

When I go back home, the Mango tree has shrunk
The courtyard looks smaller, what is this diminishing space

My sister pretty like a flower, a gentle soul
She ended her relationship, she is carving her own space

A box is a handy object to put things in
Nick Sousanis says that a door is a barrier or an opening for space

When you step out and away
There is a tendency for romanticising the space

In the Metro, each morning, they push and shove
All these people, getting to somewhere, jostling for space

We are giving away our things, my boyfriend announces
Apparently, I am making space

Tall buildings tend to shroud small shacks
In a big city, they tell me, it is about monetising the space

Are you missing having your own spot, fear not
In Amsterdam, we have Spaces, for those wanting some space

It was not so easy for Kalpana Chawla
A light, she remains, for all of us brown girls claiming some space

On Twitter everyday the mobs outrage about something
140 characters did give the masses a liberating space

The talk in workplaces is about diversity
You can banter all you want but are you creating space

I care little about sand that slides
Those who are rocks, fundamentally stay, holding me in place

So, what are you up to these days Das?
Amongst other things updating my blogging space

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