Burgerbar and galvanting around Sarphati Park

What lovely summer weather we finally have here in Amsterdam.

Aside: We went to the Bangkok restaurant near Rembrandtplein for a meal and I forgot to take food pictures, don’t blame me, blame this decadent weather that tosses all care to the wind. I guess I will just have to go their again, eat again, review it, all for the sake of this blog. *long sigh*

I did manage to take pictures at the Burgerbar, which because of the bright sun turned out well. I had the brown bread chicken burger, with avocado and jalapenos, so insanely good. The chicken was crispy outside and juicy, lovely moist, on the inside. The decor is basic and not even remotely impressive. It is self service with a buzzer alert system. However, the food exceeded my expectations. It reminds me of those pokey old joints that serve amazing delicious no fuss fare.

I must add that part of the charm of Burgerbar is the neighborhood, right around the corner of Sarphatipark this district has a bohemian relaxed vibe. There is a Yoghurt Barn, vintage clothing stores, ice cream parlors, and yoga studios.

While we were chilling in the park, watching the blue sky and reading our books, there were cyclists who handed out plastic mats for folks to lie down on the grass (sponsored by Karwei), ice cream carts that rang their bell, children blowing bubbles, banter from picnicking people, and the atmosphere was packed with that inexplicable summer feeling. You know that unbottleable (I made that word up) air that reeks of floating dandelion pollen, flipflops and tank tops, whitened sunscreen skin, and appears like bug bite marks on bare legs, yes, indeed zomer tijd is here.

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