It was such an exhausting and intense experience to work on this canvas. This particular piece was created with few art supplies, three brushes, and six colors, on a former printed canvas sheet that I had to prime before I started drawing.

I have been dreaming of working with grays, greens, and blues, of geometrical faces, angled women with large drooping eyes on even larger canvases. While I think of bigger projects and tools, I also feel this one is special because it took so little in terms of materials to create it, as though it birthed itself. There was incessant need, a thirst, in this piece, to simply appear in this world, and so it did.


Written by Diligent Candy

Amsterdam-based blogger, diversity facilitator, writer, academic, solar-powered INTJ, voracious reader, wears novelty socks, proud mom, and indulgent wife.

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