Pizzas at Sotto

Sotto Pizza on Roelof Hartstaart is a small hidden delight. Tucked away in Oud Zuid it has a wood burning oven that dishes out not just yummy pizzas but also atmospheric charm. The pizzas are much like the texture of a good tandoori roti, perfectly done with none of that extravagant processed stuff we have come to associate with a pizza thus offering an authentic joy that comes with unparalleled taste.

Bambi ordered a non-cheese pizza, which according to him was perfection.


The restaurant is small with no-fuss seating. The tables were all occupied and there were plenty of takeaways during the time we were dinning. Albeit it has this hipster vibe going for it. Around the corner are some beautiful canals as well as Museumplein, so a walk around the block comes highly recommended.


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