Dinner at Eddy’s

Eddy’s is one of the many restaurants in the square of Amstelveen Binnenhof. It was a bright warm day so we decided to sit in the terrace. The restaurant faces the water fountain and it is fun to watch the kids running around splashing water. A sight so packed with summer happiness!

I enjoyed chatting with the boys. It is great to step out and away on a weekday and take a breather in the middle of a busy schedule, spending time with the people I love, and listening to all their stories is such a great way to reconnect and recharge, makes one feel energised for the rest of the week.

Bambi ate the kid’s meal, which had fish sticks and curly fries. Apoorva had an entrecote, and I had an ossenhaas salad, we ordered a side of the twister fries because they were absolutely divine. The food was good and the portion size perfect. I also liked the rustic feel of the place and the manner in which the food was plated, simple perfection. Our bill, three food item order, one side dish along with three drinks was 50 euros. This is not easy on the pocket but given the freshness of the food and I am told that the entrecote was moist and flavorful, I am willing to make an exception.

Eddy’s is recommended for the summer terrace season, I don’t think it would hold that much promise for the cold winter months except if those curly twister fries call out to me, then it is a whole different matter!


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