Art Zuid 2017: adding color


This week has been quite rainy in Amsterdam. It is normal for this time of the year and something we share, in terms of timing, with the Indian monsoon. While it pours there, it gusts and gushes here, big fat raindrops for company.

If you are in the south of Amsterdam don’t miss the Art Zuid 2017. It is on till September 17, 2017, and has fifty abstract sculptures by Dutch artists. This year the event is called ‘Mondriaan to Dutch Design – 100 Years of De Stijl’ and shows the influence of the Dutch art movement De Stijl (The Style) on sculpture.

With the sky all grey these sculptors stand in great defiance. Also, I think their placement especially in Zuidas, which is the business district is such a contradiction of sorts, all those neutral tailored suits against the rebellious pop, colorful, abstract splash.

I will update this post as I keep bumping (happily) into these delightful pieces. While I enjoy the impromptu meetings with these vibrant giants you could plan a tour for 10 euros or download their app, which gives you a detailed listing and details of each piece.

Here’s to a multi-colored life!

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