Those Literature Courses I Cook Up

In 2013, Apoorva put this up as his Facebook status update:

Some electives for the upcoming Autumn term. What would you like to study?
Sociology of the upper-middle class
Misogyny and education
Poetry of poverty
Mental health in patriarchal societies
Conflict and negotiation in family settings
Mathematical methods for personal relationships
Psychology of empathy
History of rejection
Religion and food
Microeconomics of IPhone apps
Shopping: an Operations Research approach
Geography of the generation gap
Impression management at the workplace
Emotional Engineering
Families as sub-cultures
M&A in political systems
Anthropology of workplace teams

This list made me realize how similar we (him and me) actually are despite apparent differences.

I have often planned and executed course of Literatures in English albeit only in my head. Most of these courses are highly fantastical, many improbable, and admittedly irrational too. Still during my empty hours I have designed course books, secondary literature, active learning practices, and grading rubrics, all in the name of “what if.”

Please feel free to transform any of these below mentioned courses into reality. My only condition is that you should invite me to one or some of your sessions so that I feel special (nothing wrong with that, right, even you are faraway do drop me a note or a picture).

Games People Play: from Ludo to Video the usage of games in literature
Transforming Bodies: how does literature depict the trans experience both in-species and interspecies?
The Art of the Competition: how are rivalry and opposition dealt with in literature?
Mother Said So: Unconventional mothers in literature
Believe Me: Narrators and Narration in a Post-Truth World
Guts and Glory: The shifting concept of heroism (and victims)
Let Me Draw It Out: How to deal with authors who include maps and drawings?
Women At Work: the portrayal of the working woman in literature
Poetry of Another Kind: beyond the canonized – from micro-poetry to slam
The Jodi Made in Heaven: English Literature and Bollywood Film
Bringing Books to Life: how to take literature beyond the classroom from art direction to reporting
ReWrite This: The art of deconstruction in writing, a study in perspectives and placements
The Shape of You: body dysmorphia in literature
Partitions and Borderlines: an international study
Banquets and Feasts: the party as depicted in Literature
Mental Illness and Literature: a dialogue between medicine and art
Advertising in/and as Literature: a study in communication and publicity management

Do you have any secret of not-so-secret courses that you have been planning? Or has a random one popped up in your head? Send me a note in the comment section I would love to hear about it.

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