Brunch at De Ysbreeker

Another grey day in Amsterdam, sometimes I wonder if all those colors Vincent painted were hallucinations or repressed memories from rare sunny days. The only way to deal with this cloudy onslaught is to hang out with old friends. We did just that over brunch at De Ysbreeker, caught up with our old friends, whom unfortunately we had not met in a while.

I absolutely love the location of this restaurant, bang next to a canal, with picturesque surroundings, it has many beautiful options for a post-brunch stroll. Additionally, the restaurant has many corners and sitting arrangements, which makes it feel cosy and intimate despite it having the luxury of space (a rare commodity in Amsterdam). There is a nook for reading, a conservatory, a terrace, and a bar area. The interiors are dark with the conservatory offering a comparatively brighter space. It is the sort of place you can enjoy in solitary comfort as well as with a group of friends.

The food was breakfasty-goodness, I have coined this term to encompass the eternal versatile all-day contentment of sunny-side-ups, hot toast, aromatic tea, and Marmite. De Ysbreeker has an excellent tea and coffee selection. I especially loved their dessert menu; the creamy lemon eclair was solace on a plate.

Thus, while we deal with a wearisome lack-lustre palette in the hope of a proper summer – we raise a toast (aha!) to the energy a hearty laugh and a good meal can bring in.

Tip: if you have a stroller or pram with you this is a good restaurant option. There is plenty of space to accommodate for it — without you needing to be apologetic about being in someone’s way.

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