Year 2017: Best Place to Dine in Lisbon is…

Drumroll please…..

Meson Andaluz
Address: Travessa do Alecrim nº 4
1200-019 Lisboa

I can’t recommend Meson Andaluz enough!

We had two amazing evenings in this wonderful little restaurant. Carlos recommended the most delicious regional tapas. The care given to each dish, the ambience, the indulgent service, and attention to little details made all the difference. Thus, we declare that Meson Andaluz has to be on your must-go-to list when you are in Lisbon.

What sets Meson Andaluz apart is that it combines the warmth of smaller homely joints with the nuance of fine luxury dining; the amalgamation of these two aspects is quite something. Food that is plated like art, every morsel flavorful, a hint of fragrant saffron, a bite of chili, and dancing candlelight welcoming the evening as the terrace sparks with night life.

We have never repeated a restaurant when we travel but this time was an exception, a digression from the norm, which I insisted on because I knew that if I left Lisbon without going to Meson Andaluz once again I would live to regret it. The restaurant lived up to expectations even the second time round.

If I had “all the money in this world” (to quote Gwen Stefani, “If I was a Rich Girl”) I would fly to Lisbon (might as well pack along all my friends) to just dine at the Meson Andaluz. That would be money well spent.

And, with that we come to an end of the Lisbon posts. What a delightful holiday it has been and we have enjoyed sharing it with you.

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