Summer Walks and Autumn Leaves

This summer I have enjoyed many long walks with my ten-year-old son Bambi and the discussions have meandered from Roblox Jailbreak to Alvin and the Chipmunks. We have intensely unpacked and debated over the nuances of gaming technology and storyboards as well as arcs of narration in movies. To the extent that we have drawn out mini arcs of character development within that. I admit I greatly enjoy the fact that he is detail-oriented and am delighted when he notices the small things.

Sometimes these conversations took place walking back from tennis camp (highly recommended) at the Amsterdamse Bos or around the city canals, and often I kept the camera in my pocket. When I look at these pictures the background soundtrack that accompanies it in my mind is his voice passionately telling me how a scene could have gone if one thing had changed or how hackers were arriving on a certain date, a detail he had picked up from the message boards.

Bambi loves eating meat. His favorite restaurant in the world is Barbeque Nation in Ahmedabad. So, on one of these walks I treated him to steak at Rancho. A disappointing meal as the salad was limp, the steak meh, and the fries awful. It was fun to have the waiter give the steak to him and grab the kip nuggets for myself but other than that moment Rancho did not impress. It is a tourist trap, which we shall not be going back to.

I leave you with some pictures of the Bos, our walks, the macaroons at Kwekkeboom, which you must try, this is an iconic Dutch patisserie and serves yummy treats. It is special also because we got Bambi’s first birthday cake, a big Miffy to mark his arrival date in true Dutch flavor, and it exceeded our expectations.

I will be taking Autumn pictures and there is a special article coming up on the best place to dine in Amsterdam 2017, so don’t miss that!


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