One Morning in Comic Con Amsterdam – 2017 edition

For the much-deprived comic loving subculture events are rare, celebrations scarce, and options limited thus, when you have an entire event centred around the theme it was going to be one grand party, and we so wanted to be part of it. Bambi and I were super stoked, we had never been to Comic Con. So like true noobs, we had our clothing ready, camera packed, and our coin purse handy, and off we went to be one little part of this big technicolor hurrah.

Together we had loads of fun however, there were moments when I was seriously underwhelmed. We enjoyed checking out the Nintendo Switch, trying out new and old games, cosplay, and looking at kawaii souvenirs. We did not shop much primarily because it was too expensive. Though it was nice to catch sight of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli ware, and Rilakkuma goodies. I am told Studio Ghibli in Japan too is expensive, so I suppose post import duty, conference space fees, and keeping margins in mind, no wonder the items were priced so. I wish that was not case but it is what it is.

There were the usual suspects Marvel heros, Pokemons, Mario and his friends, and Skylanders. We are now friends with a Dutch girl who does a stellar Harley Quinn cosplay. Every time we meet her (and there have been a few instances) Bambi worries, its her state, chains and blood, but she is so very sweet to him and always insists on getting a picture taken with him and he reluctantly complies. I have an amusing series of an awkward Bambi standing next to the glorious beauty.

What would have made me a more satisfied comic con goer? Well, for starters, there was no attention to detail, the organisation edges were not put together, and for such a visual experience this could have been done way better. I would have liked backdrops for photo-ops. The stalls to be arranged with thought. I wish there were corners to have a moment, maybe sit, maybe lounge, perhaps browse (not to only buy). There was more sell than exhibits, so that would have been better too, to learn something from the exhibition. And, while we are at it more of those massage stations would have been nice too, those massages on stools — they were damn good.

Will I go next year? It depends, first, on whether Bambi would still like to go, his comments were extremely funny, and he is my gaming buddy, and second, if I get to see Carice van Houten, who I was informed would have been there this year but, unfortunately we did not get to see her. So if those two items fall into place, sure, why not ….


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