Pure Markt in the Park

It is great fun to hang out at the Pure Markt in the park. The above pictures are from Amstelpark. This coming weekend, Sunday 15 Oct, 2017, the markt is in Amsterdamse Bos. You can click on the above link to check out the schedule to plan your visit.

The best part about the markt is the food, which is all fresh local produce. Bambi loves the pulled pork burgers. The clothing, albeit expensive, is handmade, designed with attention to detail, and unique. At the markt there is a celebration of art and crafts with a toast to natural foods.

To eat a hot gyoza, while the Autumnal wind whips your face is quite an experience. Also available are wine, oysters, and coffee. During the summer months the markt has its undeniable charm but I especially enjoyed it during this colder period. It had the vibe of a Christmas market with more organic ware and less baubles and bling.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit one.

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