Best Place to Dine Out in Amsterdam: Autumn 2017 Edition

The Best Place to Dine Out in Amsterdam for our Autumn 2017 Edition:  we crown Cedars.

We all know that Amsterdam is a city where space is at a premium and service can be classified as delightfully European aloof, here out of all places you will find Cedars, which has the luxury of high ceilings, water view, big tables, and indulgent sophisticated hosting.

The location is stunning. The terrace overlooks a canal and reminded me of the Boardwalk in Dubai. The restaurant serves Lebanese cuisine. The food is out of this world. As I type out this post a part of me wants to reserve the evening table for devouring the delectable fare.

We were with friends and had the pleasure of trying out a lot of dishes from the menu. Nothing was disappointing. The greens were fresh, the meats perfectly cooked, and so full of flavour, absolutely divine!

In case you are driving to the restaurant they have their own parking area in front, which comes in handy. I have once had the good fortune of paying more for parking than for my dinner. I would recommend going to Cedars just before sunset so that you can watch the evening colors descend and the lamps getting lit. Cedars has plenty of options for vegetarians but if you enjoy your meat you really do not want to miss this place. Their kebabs simply melt in the mouth.

I will try to do a Winter Edition of this post however, it will be difficult to outdo Cedars.

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