Day Two: Visit to the Kroller Muller museum

On the second day of our weekend in Oosterbeek we went to the Kroller Muller museum. Set in the Hoge Veluwe forest, the museum is in my opinion, the perfect way to view art. It houses the second largest Vincent van Gogh collection in the world: “almost 90 paintings and more than 180 drawings.” Along with these you can also find the works of “modern masters like Claude Monet, Georges Seurat, Pablo Picasso and Piet Mondriaan.” There is a beautiful collection of art by Dutch artists, I have included pictures with this post with artist details so that I can share with you what caught my attention.

The autumn hues have me besotted. To be in the forest, with art surrounding me, paintings, sculpture, architecture, along with squirrels, deer, and birds, was exquisite. The museum has an extensive sculpture garden, which makes walking a pleasure. Irrespective of the season these artworks spread around the premises allow one to have a private, meditative moment with the piece, something that most busy city museums do not offer. I remember seeing the Mona Lisa at the Louvre surrounded by hordes of people, though I had been forewarned to expect her to be small in size than usually pictured, I would have enjoyed the experience had it not felt like Lajpat Nagar shopping. Though arguably Lajpat Nagar shopping is indeed another kind of art. Just not the experience I anticipated in the French capital. A contemplative moment looking at the artistic creation would have been suitable but definitely not possible.

The Kroller Muller museum continues to be one of my most favorite places in the world. It is the combination of factors it offers, the lush forest, the magnificence of tall trees, tucked-away trails, the sculptures placed in the garden, with so much care, such an eye for detail, Van Gogh gallery, and the fact that it is further away from city life, isolated, that you need to go away to reach it, all contribute to it making it to the top of my list. So do go, do enjoy this hidden gem.

As we headed back to Amsterdam with a renewed joy for living and loving I gained an appreciation for weekends away, even if it is for a day or two, it should be a prescribed antidote for stressful weekdays.

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