First Snow: Winter is here

Yesterday, we had the first snow of the season, it came down in light flurries and then a storm, covering everything in a blanket. We were driving when it started and drove through and past the winter wonderland, which surrounded us.

The photographs are a study in contrasts, the indoor warmth of home and our Christmas tree with the extravagance of the Amstelveen mall all dressed for the holiday shoppers, a disparate indoor. The cold outside, the incongruity of  the yellow light of bulbs with the unforgiving winter landscape,  with people still trudging along. The difference of color against white, of prints and solids, of concrete and nature, of movement and stillness. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed shooting them.

Highlight of my weekend included a Korean meal with friends (post coming up soon), having a coffee date with Apoorva, and swimming in a warm pool with large windows as it poured outside.

‘Tis, indeed, is the season to be jolly.

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