Face Reveal – a Half-Ghazal

Face Reveal – a Half-Ghazal

My son, age 10, is into Rumi, and his face reveal
The Youtuber who does voices, and HowToBasic’s face reveal

Rumi the murid to murshid Shams
He whispered, away from all, I will make my face reveal

Trust is built brick by brick, layer over layer
Till, one day, the person does a face reveal

He fought like the devil, raged and waged war
I wonder how Ravana managed the face reveal

Dr. Ashish Roy taught us about masks in drama
The continual rubbing of stained hands, the struggle of face reveal

“You do know I am bisexual,
I love men and women,” this is my face reveal

There is so much below the surface of water
Can a river ever manage a face reveal?

These days, Das is trying to be heard
You reading this fell for the click-bait face reveal

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