All You Can Eat at Fussia

This post is long overdue. I had written out the content but not had a chance to edit the pictures. Between creative writing, editing my thesis, preparing for the class I am currently teaching, and carving out time for family, there was barely any room left.

When I finally got around to choosing the shots I realised there were several pictures, which documented the writing process for my Comic Con short story entry: The Pigment Predicament. I got to know about the competition quite late with only a day before the deadline passed.

Written over the course of one afternoon, it involved brainstorming in Fussia with Apoorva, followed by feverishly hammering out the story while waiting in the parking as Apoorva collected Bambi from a birthday party. The story was sent off in a rush and I feel the lines, somehow, embody an urgent quality. It is nice to have a little reminder of that day; looking at the flowers that I drew over the soya stains in my journal.

I have had a love-hate relationship with Fussia. The first two visits were a complete disaster, with the food not being fresh (the first time around), and in the second instance, I disliked the company. Things have changed. For starters, the food at Fussia has vastly improved, and secondly, more importantly, I’ve stopped hanging out with people I don’t care much for.

After years of overeating at all-you-can-eat joints, we have finally mastered the art of knowing just how much we want, and exactly what we like. Thus, our order, for sushi, almost always contains California rolls, salmon sashimi, dimsums or momos, sweet and sour pork, smoked or teriyaki beef, edamame, tempura, calamari, and a chocolate dessert for Apoorva and a white/green dessert (it is a thing, trust me) for me. For Fussia’s menu, prices, timings: click here – they have a big parking lot, which is handy.

For those of you waiting for Pisa Ijs (Scheldeplein) to open – it is, and has been for a month, so don’t waste anytime. Their Yoghurt Sinaasappel (orange) flavor is AMAZING!

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