Made with Love by Tagore at Utrechtsestraat

Going to Made with Love by Tagore is always an absolute joy. Firstly, the owners, previously Mr. and Mrs. Nayyar, and now their youngest daughter Pamela and her partner Sunny, are the sweetest, kindest, and loveliest people you are ever going to meet in Amsterdam. They serve the food with meticulous care and make sure every single diner is satisfied.

I remember hosting Apoorva’s birthday, a few years back, at the restaurant. This was right after my tonsillectomy and I could not eat anything. Every morsel had been treacherous. I was tired of the toast bits I was surviving on. Mr. Nayyar prepared a dal soup specially for me so that I did not miss out on the celebratory joy. The soup was mildly tempered and the first thing I had relished eating since the surgery. It was missing from my final bill. When I asked, he said, he wished me a speedy recovery. I was so overcome with emotion. These gentle gestures are gracefully carried forth by Pamela who makes us feel so welcome, always has a conversation with Bambi, and ensures that I get gulab jamun at the end of the meal.

Secondly, the food is gorgeous. I use that adjective knowingly. It’s aesthetically plated, a beautiful blend of flavors, it’s simple, it’s generous, it’s giving, it’s something special – just like its owners/hosts. Their gulab jamun is the best I’ve ever had. Trust me on this one, it is SO SO good!

Thirdly, you will not get that kitsch Indian interior that some joints here peddle in the name of “authentic.” There is no massive badly reprinted bani-thani painting staring down at you, no sad pungi music, and definitely no plastic flowers in bidri vases. Thank God! I see Kutch cushion covers and I literally run the other way. No, sorry, nope, nada, cannot handle it!

Lastly, Utrechtsestraat is one of my favorite places to hang out. It has eclectic shops and wonderful canal views. Starting with Van Soest Chocolatier it reaches out to Rembrandtplein. If you want to check out some of the shops here, don’t miss MaisonNL for curios and O’Quirey for shoes (I AM OBSESSED with them!).

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