Slow cooked realisation

Last month I realised my son
Age 11, is almost as tall as me
His feet, now, bigger than mine
his hands wrap around my fingers

Once curled in the nook of my arm
he did not even reach in length
from my wrist to elbow
Now as his long body leans by my side
spilling out of the couch
I wonder what sorcery this is

He tells me about Giroud and Messi
Points out my noob status in Fortnite
Of how his class Whatsapp group is called Pug Pack
I listen to his wisdom
about how many followers a certain YouTuber has

How did I fit this, all of this,
once upon a time inside my belly?
These long arms, and legs, this wide smile
and these dramatic eye lashes.
I wonder what sorcery this is

affection baby black and white carrying
Photo by andres chaparro on

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