My Teaching / Training Philosophy

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Lecture on the Ghazal by Amrita Das for Vrije Universteit: Genre, Literature and Analysis, Bachelor First Year course
Lecture on the Ghazal by Amrita Das for Vrije Universteit: Genre, Literature and Analysis, Bachelor First Year course

I believe in building a community of learners in which we value each other’s independent thoughts. The classroom is a safe place where we come to learn from the tutor or trainer, from our textbooks and research papers, from applying theories to practice, and most importantly, we learn from each other.

It is important to unlock active learning in students. Teaching occurs when learning happens thus; it is essential for students to feel they are active participants in the learning process. I design a variety of exercises and tools that employ the curriculum to ensure that students are effectively engaged during the lesson. The lesson plans are structured; aligned with learning goals and time management but they do keep in mind that a mixed diverse classroom offers a thriving environment to make learning happen through fluid discussion and sharing of knowledge.

The role of the teacher or trainer is to help students grow; on one hand to facilitate them to reach full potential in the subject and on the other, to form connections between topics and colleagues to establish working relationships. I believe in providing students with information, tools, and resources, to facilitate their path for learning and providing them a fair chance to pursue their educational goals.

3.jpgIt is important for students to feel in control of their subject and their objective. Helping students prepare strategies for their learning is an essential part of the process. This ensures that students get to mark out their own goal. Furthermore, in supporting a student with developing their learning methodology, I believe, you equip them to become life-long learners. It is as much about how you learn as about what you learn. This is vital to creating success for the student even beyond the classroom.

I secure fundamental guidelines to my classroom. I make sure every student knows that they are welcome and included. They should have the contact and access information with them from day one. The relevant material in terms of attendance, timetable, expectations, grading or evaluations, performance and feedback methodology, technology usage and delivery, is available to them. These small essential details corroborate the above-mentioned direction.

Finally, I do believe that learning should be fun. It ought to provide the student with confidence and a sense of enjoyment about what they set out to do. I seek to create such an environment where making mistakes is not forbidden but learning from them is encouraged.


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