Top 5 games on my Iphone

It is time to come clean, to confess, my guilty pleasure is playing games on my Iphone. I can do this for hours, switching off from the world around, oblivious, and perfectly content. Considering the amount of time I invest in this activity, I wanted to share with you my favorite gaming apps. These do keep changing, however, I find myself turning again and again to the following games. 


Wordfeud: Apoorva introduced me to WF and I am hooked. I love playing online games with my friends, especially those that live far away, and whom I don’t meet on a weekly basis. It makes me feel connected. Nothing like a good competitive game of scrabble – full of bingos, and challenging tiles. My id is booksplease, so if you do join don’t forget to send me a game invite.

Alphabear 2

Alphabear 2: In this game you create words with letters, each letter comes with a time ticker. Your aim is to remove as many tiles as you can from the board and create big bears. Bears give you powers in the game. You get to train your bears so that they become stronger. There are many parallel activities that build up, to help you succeed in the game. I like all the challenges it offers, and its cute interface makes the game a winner for me. I don’t care much about the additional feature of dressing up the bears. It seems that the creators are doing too much, trying to please everyone. To be honest, they don’t need to!

Candy Crush Friends

Candy Crush Friends: Isn’t Candy Crush everyone’s dirty dark secret? Candy Crush is a classic match three in a row game with vivid colors. I love this version because of its 3D visuals. It is beautifully designed; and the attention to detail is spectacular. Once again, like Alphabear 2, you get to play with characters that help you complete levels. I do like the challenge it offers.


Homescapes / Gardenscapes: Quite similar to Candy Crush, the scape games are matching three in a row games that provide you points. These you can spend to improve your virtual home or garden. I primarily play these when the metro is too noisy, and I want to mindlessly do something to pass my time. Over a period of time, I have observed just how much I have played, and how many spaces I had unlocked in the game; a bit scary, nevertheless, thoroughly enjoyable.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers: I admit to also loving a good run-through-impediments format. SS is your classic running game – swipe to avoid hurdles. You collect coins, which help you acquire new characters and special power-ups. They keep the runs exciting by changing locations, each new location has new benefits that you can earn. I like that there is no falling in this game. It terrifies me when characters fall in games – in Mario Kart those are the tracks I tend to avoid, such as “Mushroom Gorge” and “Rainbow Road”.

Little Things

There are several other games I have enjoyed playing. “Little Things” is beautiful, but I have completed all the levels, and there have been no further updates.  Similarly, Monument Valley, Monument Valley 2, and Old Man’s Journey are visually stunning, but I have completed all the levels.

I enjoy playing “Pokemon Go” with Bambi – we can get very competitive, although he is way ahead of me in the Pokedex count.

4 in a Row

I like the “4 in a Row” game, in which you can also play against the computer; it has the easy, medium, and hard levels, for you to train your strategy skills.

Lastly, I also enjoy Word Cookies every now and then, however, the levels are way too easy. 

What are your favorite games? Please do share.  I am always on the lookout for different kinds of games.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored or affiliate post.

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