Eclectic Delights on Atlas Obscura

I have found a fantastic site to share with you. It is called “Atlas Obscura”, and this is their list of strange things to do while in Amsterdam: click here.

I can vouch for several of these places being incredibly special. For instance, Cuypers Library is a spell-binding collection of antique books. It is visually stunning (refer to the featured top image). Tassen museum – is an absolute gem. You may think that this is only for bag lovers, however, how a bag is made, what it is meant for, who carried it, tells the story of people and journeys; an insight into culture.

Other places mentioned in the website are rather odd and even amusing, now who wouldn’t like to visit The City Hall Urinal or the Penis fountain (this is now permanently closed though, too bad!)?

I am bookmarking Atlas Obscura as it contains other destinations as well, and I hope it can add a new flavor to your travel.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored or affiliate post.

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