The Last Post of 2018 – a ghazal

I asked him what should my last post be year end
He said, reflecting creatively on the year end

How boring, no? All year you follow and watch, still
on YouTube, endless rewinds declaring the year end

I started work in diversity, submitted my thesis,
Going to mentor, gearing up at the year end

Revolution of the earth around the sun
Look, all silly people going gaga at the year end

Don’t be such a cynic, it is a new beginning,
It is also a fresh start, this coming of the year end

Neenaji continued to rule my heart
Hope Badhaai Ho keeps her smiling at the year end

This year I will turn forty, the mid life
Hang out in my thirties, clinging to the year end

Some people drifted, others left
Sand slipping out of my fingers this year end

Fireworks light up the night sky
Ephemeral beauty igniting the year end

Arre Das, why are you always watching cleaning videos?
Washing away unwanted filth, a must do at the year end

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