Let’s Get Organized

It was 1996, Dr. Jacob in college, pointed out: “What after the wedding?”, we were in an invigorating lecture on Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. According to him, the real story was to unfold after Edmund and Fanny were married and “settled” into the mansion. We all disliked Fanny Price declaring her prudish. We also giggled about Dr. Jacob being newly married, and rather sensitive to the perils of social institutions of commitment. His wife, who taught history, used to religiously wait for him post lectures. He tall and lanky, she petite and coy, would walk away under the arches, as we would unashamedly stare.

This morning as I looked out at the barren streets, languishing in stark contrast to last night’s merriment. Dr. Jacob made an appearance in my mindscape, scratching his beard, “What after the fireworks?” What will be the real story of 2019.

I am an INTJ on the Myers-Briggs Type indicator. The first descriptor of this personality is – “Nothing Can Stop the Right Attitude From Achieving Its Goal” – I am and always have been a meticulous planner. I do have a set of goals for 2019, small things like learning to edit videos, to big ones: finally, Inshallah, graduating this year.

I am aware that despite all the preparations, sometimes things are not meant to be. I am also, ironically, a firm believer in “waqt se pehle, kismet se zyada, kisiko kuch nahi milta” (beyond the right time, and what is written / destined for you, you receive nothing). However, this does not stop me from enjoying the process of organizing myself. I love having mind maps, visual boards, flow charts, and to-do lists.  Just writing about this makes me so excited.

Here are some of the organization practices I have actively practicing, I am hoping this helps you concretize some of your plans. If you have tips on this topic please do share them. I will be posting an updated list later in the year and would love to feature guest suggestions:

Daphne’s Diary
  1. I have got myself an agenda for the year: Daphne’s Diary. It has useful pages for organization, including pull out grocery lists and fold out month as well as year over-views.
  2. In the diary, every month allows you to color code your feelings, you can choose these, for example, I have selected – happy, creative, good, under the weather anxious, sad, and color each day, to map out your emotions. I love the aesthetics of Daphne’s, but I am sure you can also create these charts for other planners. These are informative for mental health. I definitely intend to make mental health a priority throughout the year.
  3. In my agenda I also mark the relatively “mundane” things like laundry day, cleaning, grocery round, exercise, although these are “the usual” – they help me see how I have been spending my time.
  4. As a family, we wrote our wishes for the new year. This gave us the opportunity to reflect on how we are going to carve out time to help make each other’s dreams a reality. We also created a separate category called “home” wherein we could put our desires for our environment.
  5. Meditation: Every effective organization design starts with focussing on breathing, centring, and observing thoughts. If you don’t already, please do try meditation. It has helped me immensely, and I would love to pass on this gift to you. I use Michael Sealy’s YouTube videos regularly. They are free and Sealy’s voice is soothing,

Things to do

Reset for the New Year:

Go and get yourself a planner or a bullet journal or a blank notebook

Clean up your space – online and offline. Online that don’t inspire you, mute accounts you need to follow, but don’t actively make you happy. Deep clean your home or room.

Purge. Throw away or donate things that no longer spark happiness, as Konmari says.

Surround yourself with people and things you truly love.

Self care: go to the spa, parlor, gym.

Set goals for yourself: writing every day even if its a line, drinking more water 2 bottles at least, eating things that are delicious.

Reflect and Grow.

Mood Tracker

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