Het Amsterdamse Winterparadijs at the RAI

The Winterparadijs this year was warm, festive, and sweet. It had both indoor as well as outdoor arrangements, perfect for the dicey Dutch weather. There were plenty of photo ops and we greatly enjoyed the games. Although the claw, as usual, was a total rip-off. I had fun shooting, and even won a prize for Bambi. Apoorva won the camel racing game. Thus, the year started off with both of us feeling rather accomplished and smug.

While shooting I realized just how much I miss it. I used to regularly participate in air rifle shooting when I was in college, and haven’t done so ever since. Now, with the reputation and warped significance associated with guns, I am ambivalent if I will ever return to the sport.

The fair promises to return to the same location next year. I plan to visit it in the evening next time – can’t wait to see all the twinkling merry lights, and decimate some of those targets.