Buffalo Steakhouse at Scheldestraat

For our first lunch in 2019 we went to the Buffalo Steakhouse. The hospitality of this place is par excellence. Our warm host (who strode in wearing a cowboy hat that looked more genuine than kitsch) made sure we were comfortable and well looked after.

They boast of using fresh and finest ingredients, this was evident in the food. The prawns I ate were some of the best I’ve had in Amsterdam, better than any other steakhouse here. The guys said their steaks were succulent and delicious. We had sides of baked potato and fries, along with a salad. The sour cream with the baked potato was finger licking good. The bread basket came warm with garlic and herb butter.

I found their decor to be rather cute albeit kitschy. On one hand, we had the rugged typical steakhouse theme – lots of wood, hide, antlers, and retro tin signs. On the other, we had these upside kawaii animals hanging from the ceiling. There were also a lot of religious icons blessing us from all corners.

We had a fun lunch, and a good start to the year, discussing inane things and laughing a lot. I sincerely hope the whole year continues to in the same vein.

P.S. I am trying to figure out the best mode for pictures in the new WordPress Block format. As of now this is the only way I know how to build a gallery. I am trying to learn how to enable making the images larger upon clicking, so please bear with me till then. If you do not know some tips and tricks on this topic please do share them.

2 responses to “Buffalo Steakhouse at Scheldestraat”

  1. Hi Amrita, Hope you are well.
    Have you tried adding additional photo gallery plugins to your dashboard? If not, then try the WordPress plugins for photo gallery from here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/tags/image-gallery/ and see if it give you the option of a slideshow or carousel display of the images.

    Another useful link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/photo-gallery/

    In my experience with WordPress, I’ve come across templates that do not support slider displays with the templates default settings. Those templates need a little code tweak for it to work.


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