Dreaming of Pasta

This is the glorious pasta with truffles, mushrooms, steak bits, and rocket leaves, that I ate at La Plazza, Hasselt. The restaurant is centrally located in the main town square. I cannot get the explosion of flavors out of my head. This has to be the one of the most scrumptious meals I have ever eaten. The succulent pieces of meat melting into the truffles, the sharpness of the rocket, the savoriness of the thin slivers of Parmesan, the umami taste of it all. So so SO GOOD!

Dear Pasta, Tum kitne door kitne paas…. I wish you lived closer. Tonight, I go to bed thinking of you. How happy you made me feel… sigh! Desperately missing you, Amrita

The above picture has no edits or filters #nofilterneeded #thatgood